We are a local family run business that offers a complete bathroom design and installation service. We cover all trades associated including tiling, plastering, plumbing and building work.

  • We will be with you from the initial point of contact, through our one on one consultation to the finished product.
  • If you decide you wish to source a bathroom yourself we will gladly install it for you.
  • We are also happy to help you with any other plumbing and heating problems.


Using state of the art software we are able off you not only a 3D design, We are now able to show you your new bathroom before it has even been installed. Using the latest VR technology giving you the ability to view your new bathroom before it even gets installed.

SwitchBoilers are aware that choosing a new bathroom or an upgrade isn’t as straight forward. We have tried to create a little guide to help with this. If you do have any questions please contact us either by email or give one of the team a ring on 0191 511 1008.



Digital showers offer an unbeatable combination of state of the art technology, stylish choices, freedom and ease of installation. They offer you a simple and innovative new way to fit and enjoy Britain’s best loved shower. Shower controlled by a panel that communicates with the shower’s power unit to adjust flow and temperature. Power unit is usually installed in a loft or airing cupboard

Hot water delivered through either the ceiling or wall, depending on installation. The control panel can be located within a 10m radius giving you more freedom in your bathroom layout. No unsightly plumbing on show

Digital showers are available in either Mixer or Electric variations. The wireless models offer more design freedom, whilst the remote range is connected to the control unit by a completely hidden wire.


Mixer showers draw from both hot and cold water supplies and usually deliver higher flow rates. Ideal for homes with readily available hot water such as a combi boiler or large capacity hot water cylinder

Hot and cold water is mixed within the unit and the water delivered through the shower. Shower options include fixed head, adjustable head, and handset on a riser rail. Mixers with a diverter gives the option for multiple outlets from the shower unit


Electric showers draw on a cold water supply and heat the water on demand. Cold water is heated by an element providing hot water instantly

Quick and easy to install

Extremely economic (99.7% energy efficient) with no hot water wastage. Choose a higher kilowatt rating for better flow performance. Choose from a range of styles and finishes including white/chrome, satin/chrome, chrome.


Power showers draw from both hot and cold water supplies and include an integrated pump to boost the flow rate.

Offer low pressure systems the option of a high flow rate shower. Hot and cold water is mixed within the unit and the water is delivered through the shower


Eco showers feature a factory fitted flow regulator, with a focus on water efficiency. Available in electric or mixer variations

Offer up to a 50% reduction in water usage when compared to conventional mixer showers. Meets the needs of the Home Quality Mark (formerly the Code for Sustainable Housing)


Bath/shower mixers are the simplest way of showering over the bath. They can either be exposed or built-in. A diverter valve allows the user to switch between bath filling and showering.



There are various types of shower enclosure available that will suit different areas. In tight spaces, notably corners, a quadrant shower enclosure with sliding shower doors is ideal especially for small bathrooms or an en suite.


A sleek and compact frameless shower enclosure is ideal for contemporary bathrooms. Frameless shower doors and enclosures are minimally styled to maintain a light, open and airy feel. The Frameless enclosure creates a distinct feature whilst offering the best you could want in terms of shower enclosure manufacturing.


A sleek and compact hinged shower enclosure is ideal for contemporary bathrooms, especially as a chrome bar handle is used to complete the ultra-modern shower enclosures designer look. Hinged shower doors is minimally styled to maintain a light, open and airy feel. Like the Frameless option the hinged shower door enclosure also creates a distinct feature whilst offering the best you could want in terms of shower enclosure manufacturing.


Sliding door shower enclosures are ideal for saving space in any bathroom and are easy to manoeuvre so getting in and out of the shower is effortless. The Frameless sliding shower door with clear glass is ideal for those looking for a light and open feel to the bathroom.


Pivot shower doors are probably the most common type of shower door available. They are either right, left or centre pivoted and the type of hinge used depends on the shape and configuration of the bathroom. Most pivot doors open outwards away from the shower so it’s always important to consider where the rest of your bathroom suite will be before deciding on a configuration. The Pivot Shower Door and Pivot Shower Enclosure are also available with frosted glass, a great chrome finish and a universal handed door, making a good choice for this type of shower enclosure.


Bi-fold shower door enclosures are good space saving options, as the doors concertina – so there’s less space needed for them to open out. The Bifold shower door 760, for example, is a great space saving shower range. As the door folds within the shower area, it reduces the clearance space that is required at the opening of the shower enclosure.


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